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Historic Monterey Hull needing Rebuild available in Homer, AK

New home needed for this boat by Friday July 8th 2022!

Reach out to me at or 703-225-8588.

Or contact me July 4th – July 10th, call our Alaska compatible cell phone numbers 571-982-0842 or 907-301-2897 – these two numbers will not be active after about July 15th.

I’m trying to find someone who would appreciate and has the skills to take ownership of my late father David McFadden’s ~26 ft boat Aurora which is a Monterey Hull built by the Genoa boat company in San Francisco in 1920.

The new owner would need to take possession of, or start the shipment process by Friday July 8th – that date may be more flexible if someone is in driving distance of Homer AK takes it. It’s on a trailer ready to move.

Bow, port side photo ~2013
Bow detail ~2013
Port stern view ~2013
Stern ~2013

It’s been stored on land under tarps since the mid 1990’s with the bow less protected. The hull is not rotten, but rather extremely dried out above deck so many of the fasteners have failed. The bow stem is the worst of it. The hull is salvageable but it would be a big project. You can assume that it would a complete rebuild project.

Bow June 2022
Port side June 2022
Pilot House June 2022
Midships fish hold June 2022
Forward cabin (below decks) June 2022

If you are interested, please reach out to me at or 703-225-8588 before July 4th and from July 4th -15th you can try our temporary Alaska compatable cell phones at 571-982-0842 or 907-2897.

Gerard McBride in CA owned this boat and shipped it up to David in the early 1980s. We were living at Point Agassiz in Southeast Alaska at the time and had moved out of our previous property when it sold. We were living on the Point Agassiz creek on the float house that we would take down the narrows to our new property but had to spend a long time finishing up the rebuild of Aurora – all while the Forest Service was trying to force us along and to stop squatting. I believe we replaced the keel, but were able to salvage at least some of the original planking. We had the long steamer boxes running for the new planking. When Gerard shipped it up, it had a 4 cyl willy’s f4 gas engine but sometime around the rebuild we replaced that with a new unknown brand Chinese engine.

David hand trolled Aurora around Port Alexander and Cape Ommaney until he moved on to progressively larger boats, the Sea Breeze and Sand Dab – if I’m recalling right.

This is a 100 year old historic boat, so the next owner would ideally have time and either the skills or the ability to learn so they could rebuild it. The boat is on a trailer ready to move in Homer, AK.

As the boat was built
Boat on its cradel reach to ship to Alaska in 1993

Monterey Fishing Boat Plan 1923 – not from this boat but similar style